How To Buy

Below is The Best procedure on How TO buy from Mike & Jones and Get a Delivery!

The following procedure is how to place an order with us and Get Your product shipped the same day.

  1. get on the product page of the website by accessing this link
  2. Select your product (strain bud, wax, oil, Shatter or cartridge )
  3. Click add to cart the number of units you which but not the minimum for strains is from 16 to 20 grams and more. A minimum for 5 for wax or shatter. for the cartridge, you may email us.
  4. Once in your cart, click the cart logo on the upright cart symbol on ya screen
  5. Click checkout, then once checkout page loaded insert your delivery information
  6. Select your payment option which may be  Cash App, Gift cards or BItcoin
  7. Lastly, click on order or pay now then email us or use the chat now to have a brief talk and help with our support team.

8. When order is placed please stay by your email inbox to get the proceedings for the payment via selected means when placing the order

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