How To Pay

We present you a Great variation in Payment methods which will fit your shopping and purchasing experience with us. Below are a list of payment methods.

  • How do I make payment?

Basically, we accept only 3 forms of payments :

1. Bitcoin and Ethereum; we accept most forms of Altcoin as listed on the checkout page or our payment page. The cryptocurrencies you can buy opioid with are Bitcoins, Ether and some few more.

Where Can I buy Bitcoin :

Basically it easy to fin Bitcoin 

A. Google or do a search engine research ‘ where to buy bitcoin around me’ You’ll surely find the contact (phone preferable ) of various bitcoin and altcoin vendors in your area, ZIP or city. 

B. Use platform such as, and some few me to buy bitcoin from local vendors with cash, Paypal or credit card. 

2.we accept Vanilla

Gift Cards as payment. we only accept non-reloadable prepaid Gift cards bought with cash. Do not buy the Vanilla Credit card with another credit card. Buy with cash only this is to avoid any link and thus making your order more private without your private info associated to it. You can buy the vanilla gift card in your area using the following Links 

You can Buy Too directly or from referred and accredited vendors from vanilla Gift cards Official Website 

NOTE: we only accept Non-reloadable Prepaid Gift cards Mastercard and VISA only. Bought with Physical Cash.

  • Do You Accept Western Union and MoneyGram?

Yes, we do accept, and it may be a payment for returning customers we trust or some few new customers. This payment method will follow vigorous rules set by our team due to its level of risk and privacy which we can’t control at 100 %. Contact us if you which to use such a payment option 

  • Do You Accept Paypal?

No and Yes. We may only accept Paypal for some returning customers via the friend and family members around the Confirmation may take up to 48hours so be wise when asking us a PayPal transaction.

Fill free To ask Us more questions we are open minded 

4. Cash App

We accept mobile payment cash app. You can elect such a Payment in the checkout option . It’s easy to get your order confirmed with such a option once you respect the Rules and instruction send to you by email or

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