Buy The Original RSO Vape Pen and Dispenser online

The Original RSO Vape Pen and Dispenser


Buy The Original RSO Vape Pen and Dispenser online



Buy The Original RSO Vape Pen and Dispenser online

RSO cartridges(vape pen) are packed with a complete blend of all-natural compounds,
rich color, and full flavor. Clean pure full-spectrum oil at its finest.
With a complete selection of strains to choose from, we have a choice for everyone. Original RSO Cartridge Vape Pen

As they witnessed the failing health of close family members due to cancer and other issues they searched for more ways to help. With continuous optimism, they looked for the good in every situation and a series of circumstances guided them to the cannabis industry in the late ’90s. Contacts in the industry introduced them to an attorney and patients’ rights activist who worked free of charge for those who couldn’t pay. He became the conduit to what would ultimately lead to RSO GO™. He introduced the brothers to a nonprofit community organization in Seattle helping AIDS patients and a doctor who connected them to another patient network. The brothers were inspired by the many people working together and all the unique stories of the patients and became involved with them, helping where they could. Original RSO Cartridge Vape Pen

How To Make THC Vape Liquid with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Hello smoked people, another, not so wild #educational adventure in front of us! Last month I have made a bit of #RSO. This was a perfect opportunity for an unbelievably simple project with the oil – turning it to #vapeliquid.

The things you need are obviously RSO, Wax liquidizer, vape cartridge, and the small bottle with the needle nose. To spice the mix up I have CBD liquid with natural cannabis terpenes. This is one of those things where you have to experiment to see what comes out of it.

The recipe is to use 2ml of Wax liquidizer on 1gram of oil/resin/dab/wax, mix it up in a shot glass or something similar; heat it up in a double boiler (or microwave it for lazy ones – not my recommendation), mix it up and heat more if the oil is separating. After that is done just suck up the mixture with your little nozzle bottle and “inject” it into the cartridge. Screw the cartridge upon a battery and that is it! Congratulations now you can go to your favorite shopping mall, beach, plaza, boardwalk, and smoke your ass off without a care in the world.

They pack quite a punch! Tastes are just amazing, cartridge with few drops of strawberries CBD liquid has a hint of it in after taste, perfect for the first try I would say. I think there will be a need for a light version of this liquid for daytime use. Now off for more testing – they are not going to smoke themselves 🙂

What Is RSO and How Can We Use It?

Rick Simpson oil is made with a very high amount of THC, anywhere from 20%–90% (or even more). To put this in perspective, marijuana typically contains around 15% THC. It’s most often used for medical issues.

RSO has been said to treat:

  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Inflammation
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


When comparing these two popular cannabis-derived oils, it’s helpful to remember that RSO is essentially the opposite of CBD.

CBD is praised because it contains trace amounts of THC and is easy to obtain. The Rick Simpson oil recipe has much higher amounts of THC – even higher than marijuana! People love CBD because it’s legal and has very mild side effects if any. This is due to the very low amount of THC.

RSO might be the better choice for intense symptoms like cancer, but CBD works great for many other issues. It helps with pain, anxietydepression, PTSD, acne, and more.


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